Affiliate FAQs

What is the Zeroll Affiliate Program?
It gives those with strong online content the opportunity to promote Zeroll and their passion for Ice Cream and Smallwares … while earning commission on web sales tied to their Affiliate link.

Is the Affiliate Program offered worldwide?
The program is only offered in USA and Canada.

Do I have to carry my own inventory?
No, sales are through We only ship to USA and Canada. Zeroll will ship all products and handle all returns. Our Customer Service will reply to your customers’ questions and concerns, from pre-purchase throughout the life of the product. Simply provide your buyers with our website or toll-free phone number.

May I host my own event? Or attend other events?
Affiliates are welcome to host their own demonstrations at events where Zeroll is not demonstrating or already an exhibitor.

Will affiliates receive special discounts or promotions?
Zeroll continues to explore special promotional offers for our Affiliates and will communicate new contests and promotions via email.

Where do I go for my links and banners?
Once you are an approved Affiliate, you will be set up with a login and password through Affiliately. The marketing assets and support can be found there.

How much can I earn?
Currently, the Zeroll Affiliate Program offers a 15% commission on sales made through your unique Affiliate link. Earning potential is unlimited. The more you share your link and generate sales, the more you will earn.

How is payment processed?
Affiliate commissions are paid through PayPal. Commissions are paid once a month on the 15th of each month as long as the commission threshold of $20.00 is met. Affiliates are responsible for any PayPal transaction fees.

Where can I view and track my sales?
As an Affiliate, you will have access to Affiliatly which provides access to real-time sales tracking.

Still have questions about the Affiliate Program?
Please email for more information.